STANDER is a solutions provider in the field of cash/valuables management service.

STANDER is committed to reducing the cost of cash and valuables management, and improving management efficiency through cutting edge technology. With cloud computing, businesses access applications via the internet. It’s called Software As A Service (or SaaS). Businesses are freed up from having to maintain or upgrade software and hardware. Minimize your project construction risks and long-term system operating costs. Meanwhile SaaS mode ensures that we can quickly deliver the right system, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

So far, our SaaS system nodes have covered Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, Dubai, Silicon Valley, London, Frankfurt, Sydney and other major cities in the world. And take these cities as regional centers to provide systematic services for customers in surrounding countries and regions. Of course, according to customer needs, STANDER also provide localized deployment solutions.

Development Path
  • 2021.11

    Become the member of the Asian Cash Management Association (ACMA)
  • 2021.06

    Served for 1Secure (Philippines)
  • 2020.08

    Served for AEGIS Brunei (formerly G4S)
  • 2019.07

    Served for GUARDFORCE (Hong Kong)
    Served for GUARDFORCE (Macau)