Business Data Analysis
What is AIReport?

AIReport is a report application service for government and enterprise with Excel-like interface and drag-and-drop elements, designed to empower companies to generate reports and dashboards. Additionally, it helps to establish decision-making platform, gain insights into your business operations and greatly increased profitability.

Why AIReport?
  • For top-level managers

    Data integration merges the scattered data into a single system, eliminating data silos and providing a comprehensive view of the organization.

    TV dashboard and Mobile App allow you to keep track of critical business information and metrics anywhere and anytime, no matter in conferences or on business trips.

    Decision-making platform gives you a very secure environment for quickly collecting, managing, and analyzing reports of various subsidiaries and departments.

  • For middle-level managers

    Innovative design modes and reusable templates reduce the cost of creating reports.

    Export to multiple formats simplifies sharing, presenting, and secondary analysis.

    Automated reporting automates departmental reporting procedures to eliminate repetitive administration and human errors.

  • For operational-level employees

    Smart data entry helps you to utilize forms to input or backfill information contained in reports to different databases conveniently.

    Flexible data query supports you to track information from different dimensions.

    Permission control ensures users at various levels have corresponding authorities to reports.

Distinct Features

Easy to Make Complex Reports

Smart Data Entry

Large Screen & TV Dashboard

Convenient Mobile App

Powerful Decision-Making Platform

Flexible Deployment & Integration

AIReport Features

Report Designer

Remote Design

The remote design allows you to modify the template connecting to a working directory on a remote server.

Template locked function avoids editing conflicts, and data authority control ensures the data safety when collaborating with your team.

Export, Print, and Share

Various export types, including PDF, WORD, EXCEL, TXT, SVG, and image format (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.).

One-click to print complex bill and invoice in bulk.

Automated reporting helps you to schedule reports to generate and distribute them via email automatically.

Excel-like interface

An Excel-like interface with data-bound column dramatically reduces the cost of learning. Anyone who is used to Excel will be a fast learner of AIReport. 

The drag-and-drop operation for non-technical users to quickly create a web report without additional learning or code base.

Product Architecture

Three Innovative Design Modes

General Report: professional deal with complex reports

Easily set pagination, grouping, multi-columns.

Support building main-sub report, tree report and other customized reports.

The dynamic calculations between cells can conveniently realize the ranking, YoY, MoM, the proportion, the cumulative, and other operation cross row and group.

Aggregation Report: an innovative design for irregular reports

Free splicing together aggregation blocks, eliminating the trouble of frequently merging and splitting cells in Excel. Each aggregation block is independent. You can drag&drop and put them together freely to create irregular reports.

Dashboard: multi-perspective analysis for decision making

Support cloud share of dashboard templates and the reuse of components on-premise to improve efficiency.

Adapts to any screen size, from TVs and large screens to mobile devices.

Show live data and refresh automatically, support partial refresh and dynamically prompt for changed data.

Support chart linkage, data linkage, drill into details to perform advanced analysis.

Data Integration

Support extracting and combing data across databases and tables, and easy to integrate data from ERP/OA/MES and other enterprise systems in a single platform, which eliminates data silos within your organization.

Data Sources Support

Relational databases: include such mainstream relational databases as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Access, Derby, Postgres,Informix; Support SQL data sheets or views, or stored procedures.

Text data sources: Excel files, TXT files, XML files, etc.

Multidimensional databases: Essbase, ssas, sap, hadoop, FineCube

Nosql data source: MongoDB

Buit-in datasets: Server built-in datasets and report built-in datasets

Others: Program data source, JSON, SAP data source

Data Entry


Various widget types support data entry of massive data volume

Intelligent data submission control satisfy customized submission requirements

Comprehensive data validation ensure the correctness of the data formats

Support import excel data online and in batches


Offline data entry get you rid of the network constraint

Smart temporary storage avoids data loss due to accidents

The multi-sheet data entry combines multiple independent reports in a tab way for easy editing of various reports at the same time

Multi-level reporting can quickly achieve the process of data reporting, approval and return

Data Visualization Chart

Impressive HTML5 charts provided by AIReport can be used cross-platform, adaptive to web design, and support instant update. You can also connect to Echarts and other thirdparty controls to make charts, or use novel diagrams developed based on WebGL.

Dynamic Interactive Effects

3D effects

Data Map

Data Tips

Interactive Highlighting

Series Interaction

Online Switch

Coordinate Scaling

Automatic Refresh

3D Cylindrical Earth

3D Point Earth

3D Flow to Earth

KPI Indicator Card

Time Gear

Catalog Gear

Symbol Map

Regional & Drill Map

Heat Map

Flow Map

Custom Map



TV/Large Screen Dashboard

Canvas-like interface with various layout modes

Easily integrate data from multi-business systems such as ERP/OA/MES for multi-perspective

Special chart plug-ins for TV and large screens

Show live data and refresh automatically, with problem alert

Mobile APP

Newly adopted ReactNative technology, gives you perfect product experience as PC, helps you manage and analyze data at fingertips.

Component Magnification

Chart Zooming

Data Point Prompt

Table Flipping Over

Deployment & Integration

100% Java software, supporting Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Easily integrate with existing OA, MES, ERP, etc.

Can be seamlessly integrated with any JAVA projects, supports independent and embedded deployment

Non-JAVA projects can calso be perfectly deployed and integrated with the support of an independent web server

C/S system and page integration are achieved through embedded browser controls and iframe

Cluster with high consistency and high availability

Four approaches for single sign-on to support multiple systems: ajax, iframe, action, CAS


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